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Why We Love
What We Do

We believe that happiness is a result of a life well lived and that its main components are our health, family, and work.

It is about living life to its fullest without forgetting what's truly important to us, and what values we stand for as humans.​

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Spring 2017

The Idea

It was a Saturday night. And we were caught in a dilemma.

We had an adult birthday party to go. Yet we had to wake up 7am next day for our daughter's soccer game. In simple words, can we get social tonight yet still be responsible humans tomorrow morning?

Summer 2017

The Design

So we started Purple Tree Labs in our own kitchen, to design a solution to support post-celebration wellness & hydration.

No venture capitalists. No consultants. No office. Just a married couple obsessed with enabling other health-minded social people to lead outstanding work, fitness and family routines.


Let’s Do This

We patented and created a formula to keep our purple pill as simple, premium and powerful as possible. And more importantly: made in the USA (with globally sourced ingredients), right next door to our offices in San DIego, CA.

Our R&D and formulation style prioritize quality ingredients, the right density, & balanced strength of nutrients.


Commitment to Quality

After many trials and improvements, we finally launched the latest (and most successful) version of our product.

It's been a hit since Day 1. Not only because we are obsessed with quality and health, but also because consumers embraced Purple Tree's unique combination of minerals, vitamins and herbs as an aid to support responsible celebrations within a healthy lifestyle.

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