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(SUMMER 2017)

It was a Saturday night. And we were caught in a drinker's dilemma...

We had a big birthday party to go. Yet we had to wake up 7am next day for our daughter's soccer game. Should we? Or shouldn't we? You get the idea.


(FALL 2017)

So we started Purple Tree Labs in our kitchen, to design a solution to ease the pain from a night out.

No venture capitalists. No consultants. No office. Just a married couple obsessed with helping other health-minded adults lead more productive and meaningful work, fitness and family routines.



It was important to keep our purple pill as simple, natural and powerful as possible.

We don’t have anything against other after-alcohol supplements that use dozens of ingredients in their formulas. It's just that our patented nutrient technology is a powerful one: less ingredient quantity... more quality & strength.



In early 2019 we launched the latest version of our product. And it's been a hit since day 1!

We are obsessed with quality and manufacture everything in the USA. We’re now category leaders with a few healthy ambitions, the usual insecurities, and all the other stuff that keeps us human.



Why we love what we do.

We believe that happiness is a result of a life well lived and that its main components are our health, family, and work.

Choose Purple Tree.

Celebrate good times.

Drink responsibly.

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