Purple Tree Hydration Drops is the only flavored hydration drink mix that is naturally sourced from seawater. It hydrates the body with 100% clean mineral salts and fast-acting electrolytes, without the sugar and artificial ingredients found in powder mixes and sports drinks. In addition to the electrolytes you see on the label, this everyday formula is infused with trace elements, which are essential to maintaining a healthy body and immune system.

Electrolyte Hydration Drops by Purple Tree (Pineapple Mango) - 30 Packs

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- World's Purest Electrolytes: Naturally sourced from seawater, Purple Tree hydrates the body with 100% clean and fast-acting mineral salts.

- Maximize Your Hydration: In addition to key electrolytes, ocean salts include 72 trace minerals that are essential for maintaining a healthy body.

- Sweetened with Monk Fruit: Unlike powder mixes and sports drinks, Purple Tree has zero sugar and no artificial ingredients.

- Naturally Flavored: Purple Tree is flavored with real ingredients for a fresh taste. Add to 16 oz water container and enjoy.

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