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How It Works

Purple Tree is a high quality multivitamin for the health minded adults. It was scientifically designed to promote liver health and replenish key vitamins. We are a California company on a mission to help adults lead more productive, healthier work, fitness, and family routines.

The Science Behind Purple Tree

Our Key Ingredient: DHM

Purple Tree’s key ingredient is called Dihydromyricetin (DHM), an extract from the Japanese Raisin Tree, which has been used for centuries in Asia.


Your immune system

Purple Tree’s proprietary blend uses White Willow Bark extract, an ingredient which can
support the immune system.


Take your vitamins

Raising your levels of nutrients like vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, zinc, magnesium and others is crucial to maintaining a healthy mind and body. For these reasons, taking a B-vitamin fueled supplement like Purple Tree is a helpful way to support your body’s normal functions.


Promoting normal liver function

Purple Tree uses a lab-tested version of Milk Thistle in its proprietary formula in order to
support hepatoprotective activity and promote liver function.


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